Introduce Yourself: My name is Tommy Williams Mixed African American and White I play football and Basketball, live in san mateo california

Thoughts On People In The World?: there’s many different types of people in the world i feel as if some people strive to be average or normal and others want to be great and those are the people you’d want to look up to so my final answer i think that everyone in the world is unique

What are your inspirations & goals?: ive always wanted to be in the NFL

How would you impact the world?: I want to inspire people i want people to look at me and say damn i want to be like that guy i want to be great so that everyone around me and everyone that looks up to me to be great

Struggles In Life? : well my big problem i have ADHD so a lot of things are hard for me and i also have a big problem with being told what to do so that’s going to be a forever burden in my life

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : No, I love myself for who i am i couldn’t wish to be any different

What does love mean to you?: well in my opinion love is indescribable nothing you can ever say can explain love

Name : Tommy Williams

Instagram : @_realtrill.tommy_


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