Nuno Interview

Introduce Yourself: I’m Nuno aka YUGN40HANDS, I’ve been producing music for about 2 or 3 years now, and I’ve been active in music for about 9 years.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I fucking hate people. I can’t stand being in huge groups and shit. Hanging out with my friends or collabing with someone in the studio is one thing, but if you pull up to the studio with like 10 fucking people, we’re done. I just can’t stand people today because everyone has something to say about everything. And most of the time it comes from a place of ignorance. So to those of you who are the loudmouth motherfuckers who always have something to say, just stop. To those of you who aren’t, good on ya.

What are your inspirations & goals?: I just want to make music for a living. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. I dont give a fuck if it makes me rich or if I’m still broke all the time, as long as I can make music and have my bills paid, thats all I care about. More to that though, I want to make music that impacts peoples lives. I dont want to be a fucking one-hit radio wonder. Thats bullshit man. I want to make something for people to connect to so they feel less alone. I know the music in my life has definitely helped me and made me feel less alone, and inspired me.

How would you impact the world?: I just want to help people out man. At the end of the day thats what its all about. You probably wont catch me volunteering at like a soup kitchen or anything, I’ve already done that kind of work before and its not for me. I want to give everyone something to relate to. I want the kids and the youth of today to feel less alone. Everyone my age that I talk to has got some bullshit going on, and if I could take them away from that for just a second, I will have done my job.

Struggles In Life? : Anxiety, my family life has been struggling for a little bit. There used to be some fuck shit going on in my household regarding my family and having to go back to a toxic environment like that everyday has been rough. Other than that, just kinda dealing with everyday life as a teenager kinda fucking sucks and I can’t wait to get out of my shit town. Other than that, its been smooth sailing.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Man honestly, I fucking hate everything about myself. If I could make changes, I would start with my work ethic. I see all these other dudes out here banging out like 800 fuckin beats in a day, and I just cant do that kinda shit, I want to but when I lose my creativity I just cant sit there and force it. I need to grind harder if I want to go anywhere.

What does love mean to you?: Love is everywhere. Its crazy to think that like, you need to fall in love or some shit. Like love is everywhere, your family loves you, if you dont think they do then youve gotta have friends who love you. If you dont have friends or family then you need to find something to channel the love youre holding back from expressing to the friends and family you dont have. For me that was music. For others its art, or fixing cars or poetry. Theres a ton of love in the world, love and passion to me are basically the same thing.

Name : Nuno

Instagram : @yung40hands


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