Chiméne Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi my name is Chim. I’m a girl who is going through highschool. I also have a job and my hobbies are gaming, drawing and training to be a sharpshooter at the Olympics.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think most people have a good heart but there are a few bad ones in there too. First I thought everyone would judge me but it turns out most of them are really nice and helpfull!

What are your inspirations & goals?: One of my goals is making the ones I love happy. I also want to be happy and find happiness in the future. I also just want to enjoy life and make one of my hobby’s my job if that’s possible.

How would you impact the world?: I would inpact the world by spreading facts so that everyone knows they aren’t the only ones who have it difficult. Sometimes things are put up to be happy and seem like everything is okay. But almost everyone had things that are negative. I want everyone to realize it’s totally okay for them to have these and I want to help them deal with problems.

Struggles In Life? : Just school at the moment and work. I’m trying to pass this year and I hope i’m going to make it. I also overthink stuff and I kinda make myself go crazy sometimes.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : If I would change anything about me it’s probably my motovation to get things done. I want to find motivation to do my work on time instaid of doing it at the last moment.

What does love mean to you?: I think love makes us stronger but it can also break us. We need love to find peace and to accept eachother. I think true love, whenever it is friendship, a romantic one or something else, is about fully accepting one another for being human and the way they are.

Name : Chiméne

Instagram : _.chiim._


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