Introduce Yourself: Hello Im Candice aka MJ

Thoughts On People In The World?: my thoughts on people in the world I can’t speak about everybody because I have not met everybody in the world but from the people I have came across majority of them don’t have common sense people will stay with people that they know are not good for them for little to no reason people will sabotage other people’s lives not thinking about if it would come back on them people want to take take take but don’t want to give they always want to be quick to say that I’m here if you need me but I ain’t there when I need you people lie to get what they want it’s not even about actions anymore I wasn’t supposed to be born in this generation but I’m here and I’m living it

What are your inspirations & goals?: well I am an aspiring model for the plus size women because I have goals of opening up my own clothing shop because for us thicker curvier woman is hard to find good quality clothes that actually fit

How would you impact the world?: as of right now I’m impacting the world in any way possible and what I mean by that is giving stuff away that I don’t need anymore helping people when needed especially the elderly people I’ve walked a old lady all the way to where she wanted to where she can comfortably walk by herself going in the opposite direction that I needed to go helping them across the street I’ve helped handicap people who got stuck in the middle of the crosswalk when cars are about to start coming but when I get my bread up I’m definitely going to be a great humanitarian like Michael Jackson and other celebrities that get acknowledged for doing it

Struggles In Life? : what struggles in life didn’t I have I went from falling in love with the wrong boy to sacrificing my house and home my family my education need I say it was my senior year second semester I’ve dealt with multiple abusive relationships physically mentally emotionally and on top of that dealing with the mental issues that I have bipolar depression anxiety and it hasn’t been diagnosed yet but PTSD having flashbacks of ugly things that happened to you is such an uncomfortable way to live also having to do what you needed to do to get money no matter who it affected that’s what happens when you get caught in the street life but I’ve made a come around

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : how do I feel about myself I feel better than I did 6 years ago I may not be exactly where I want to be but I’m where I need to be at the moment the changes I would make is letting go of the past that is something that I do have issue with majorly being passive aggressive and keeping the motivation to get where I want to be in life in my own house and car

What does love mean to you?: my favorite question what does love mean to me love to me means loving someone to No Boundaries unconditional love providing everything that money can’t buy honesty loyalty respect faithfulness Trust cuz without those you really don’t have nothing communication is a very big thing and that’s something that a lot of people have issues with when it comes to relationships these days also but it’s also working everything out and coming together as one instead of trying to tear each other apart or breaking the trust by cheating or putting your hands on them and if someone is a Serial cheater or abuser that is something that needs to be left alone and cannot be worked on through you they need some severe counseling for that but everything else something that you won’t even remember next week that can be worked on

Name : Candice Giles

Instagram : Reddbonegoddess-Main Maryjaneburnin-modeling page


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