Introduce Yourself: I’m Jacqueline Diana Gonzalez I was born in California, and raised there a couple years. For those who can’t tell I am of course Mexican-American. Eventually I started moving around alot to different states. Currently I’m living the life in Texas. I’m 17 years old that’s still pretty young; and I’m finally going to be a Senior.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I still have so many years to come and being young doesn’t mean I don’t know anything in life. I do hope for the best for everyone and the people I love. I also hope to achieve my goals

What are your inspirations & goals?: My goal is to become a professional photographer or artist

How would you impact the world?: By impacting this world I would have to reach out to everyone and take every chamce I can get to do better

Struggles In Life? : As a child I would get harassed because I didn’t act girly enough.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I want to be proud of myself for who I am, and not ashamed of how others see me

What does love mean to you?: Make you feel like the happiest person in the world but it can also hurt you badly enough to not love again

Name : Jacqueline Diana Gonzalez

Instagram : Jxdiannna