Introduce Yourself: I’m Emmalee Gaines

Thoughts On People In The World?: people can be real immature at times and gets on others nerves so they end up doing something bad to the person

What are your inspirations & goals?: i’ve wanted to become a makeup artist for years people don’t want me to but jokes on them lol

How would you impact the world?: let everyone believe in everyone and have no doubts on others

Struggles In Life? : i’ve dealt with a addict abusive mom for years,a murderous dad,and a sister who can loose it very easily and does stupid shit

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : i sometimes don’t even like myself,i would change how i look for most of all people are just like “oh yea ur ugly” and i was born with a beauty mark and got it removed so people would just leave me alone about it but now they bother me that i removed it

What does love mean to you?: my fiance @young_light18 is my one true love and means the world to me he’s been there for my ups and downs and supports me through alot

Name : Emmalee gaines

Instagram : @young_lights_queen18