Introduce Yourself: Hey, my name is Emily and I’m a 14 year old girl who is from Texas and I’m taking life one step at a time 🙂

Thoughts On People In The World?: People can’t be generalized in any way because a group of people are so different s diverse from one another with how they act and what daily struggles they encounter it’s unfair to have a overall opinion on just people. So saying people are horrible is unfair to amazing and kind hearted people that are in our world and vis versa. One thing that can be said fairly is people are a reflection on what they interpret, what the see and what they understand in the world and how that effects them determines what kind of person they become more often then not. I believe everyone has reasoning behind their choices based off what they think and that’s what makes people unique in actions.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspiration are people who wake up happy. This seems simple but I aspire to be in a place in my life where I pursue actions that make me happy and that benefit others in the same positive ways and to just be relaxed and sure of my choices where I wake up being happy.

How would you impact the world?: I want to impact the world by showing all people have feelings and how our actions affect others. I want to help people realize that all the people we encounter are still humans and that we’re on the same level with no one technically higher then another. All people deserve some respect and some compassion and to give people the benefit of the doubt until they loose that by their actions.

Struggles In Life? : Personally I struggle with self love and confidence in myself. I feel that through my life I was always thought of last and never felt completely included. These feelings felt validated when I would be harassed and others were treated with respect and kindness. I don’t completely love the way I am and I struggle to keep confidence with what I show the world of myself. I also struggle with extreme stress and a bit of anxiety this is followed with me being constantly paranoid which is hard to deal with. It’s a daily struggle but it has been improving :).

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : If I had to change things about myself externally I would change my skin. I have sensitive skin taht is dry and has strange break outs in a way on my body. I would change my skin to be more soft and clear and hydrated. Internally I would change how my confidence in my abilities hold me back. I want to trust myself and have more confidence in what I can do.

What does love mean to you?: There’s two types of love, a adjective and a verb. We’re more familiar with the adjective love, we can have a loving feeling for someone and be in love in the sense that we feel love in our heart that we are connected to this person and all our emotions towards this person has love behind it but it only describes how we feel about an object or person anyone can find this love. The verb has a deeper meaning, it’s something we work at. Love is also an action, when we really love someone we put all of ourselves into them and we’re fully and entirely committed to this person forever. It’s hard to love someone like this, it can tear you apart but it’s worth it. This love is harder to find because we get lost in the feelings of love we don’t remember we have to work at it. That is what I see love as and what they personally mean to me, and how I see it as many things. Love is complex and I don’t think anyone will fully know how to explain it for all to understand. You just kind of know when you know.

Name : Emily Austin

Instagram : @aw.em.ily