Introduce Yourself: hi,am Naomie alexs,I love learning, fun and people I can impact their loved with my happiness,am a Nigerian, am 19,from a family of about 10,am a college student in my first year,am a Christian, am optimistic

Thoughts On People In The World?: based on my personal experience, everybody loves themselves,and you are always an option to others

What are your inspirations & goals?: to be successful, help people, inspire young ladies that you can come from nothing and still be something

How would you impact the world?: making a difference in the sense that I will learn to try to understand people, their behavior or attitude towards things or other people, most people act the way their environment influence them by understanding that people are different from you,you learn to love them no matter what they do,you understand

Struggles In Life? : a lot,e.g poverty

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel am not an interactive people and you can’t help people that way,do I want to work on that

What does love mean to you?: giving and forgiving

Name : adakole Naomie alexs

Instagram : jes_naomie