Nicole Moon Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi my name is Nicole Moon and I’m 16 years old. 🙂

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think people in this world worry too much about what other people think. I mean I am definitely a victim of this but I’ve gotten better with it. There is so much expectations in society that people feel the pressure to be a certain way.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My little brother and my little sister inspire me to continue on with life no matter how hard life is. And my adopted family also inspires me very much. My goal is to become a rapper and inspire kids and help them when they’re going through a hard time. And if that ends up in flames then my goal is to become a vet and help animals as much as my dog has helped me through the hardest times.

How would you impact the world?: I would want to start a bunch of trends or marathons or challenges that help improve society. Something like the ALS challenge but for self image, confidence, stuff like that. These are things that I feel strongly about.

Struggles In Life? : I was sexually abused, physically abused, and emotionally abused when I was five and it didn’t stop until I was 14. This was all done by my stepdad and the worst part was that my mom stood there and watched him and did nothing about it. After nine years of all this pain, he broke my moms finger and that’s when she decided it was time to leave. After we left, we moved into our own apartment, she neglected me. I need clothes and shoes and a bag for school. She provided nothing for me and instead bought herself Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci bags, everything designer. I started to give up on life. The my aunt came to visit me and realized how depressed I was and took me to live with her in New Jersey. I was happy and thankful but I was still emotionally broken inside and tried to commit suicide three times. It was then that we decided that I needed to see a therapist. I had nearly died. I was told that I had depression, anxiety and anger issues. So my struggles right now, I am currently going through therapy to try to try to slowly heal me.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : As of right now, I think I am doing pretty well right now. Life didn’t automatically go to perfection when I started working on my issues. My journey to healing will have a bunch of ups and downs along the way but it’s okay.

What does love mean to you?: I don’t think love is just family or your significant other. I think love is when you care about a person enough that you would do anything for them and sacrifice everything for them.

Name : Nicole Moon

Instagram : @moonnicolee

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