Marco Interview

Introduce Yourself: im Marco, im 15 years old, i live in a small town called victorville, in so-cal, its like almost right on route 66, its san bernardino county, anyways, im an aspiring rapper, or more artist of some sorts, ill have music on soundcloud soon,

Thoughts On People In The World?: Everyone has worth, everyone deserves everything, i dont understand why we seem to think that some of us are better or worse than others when really we all need to learn to love one another, nobody deserves to be hurt, to be sad, because in the end we’re all trying to be happy, and feel good, why should we hurt one another when we can make each other so much happier by coming together

What are your inspirations & goals?: I wanna become a rapper, or more an artist of some sorts, make more than just rap, make amazing music, stuff that stands out, i also wanna make sure that i let many people know their worth and let them know that they are loved

How would you impact the world?: Id give everyone a chance to do what they really want to do, what they really want to accomplish and let them have what makes them happy, no mater what it is

Struggles In Life? : underprivileged for the most part, i dont have the tools i need to get where i want to be due to money, i also get really sad sometimes, not even a depression its just, i get down cuz of things that happen around me, i feel lonely sometimes and i just get trapped in my own mind

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I have a really low self esteem, i dont think much of myself, i mean im a really like, social person, i like being out there and really letting people know who i am, but i wish like i had more confidence in myself

What does love mean to you?: happiness, fulfillment, care, love is an amazing thing, but sometimes we just think of it as a feeling and not really as what it is, like i said love is something so amazing, we just gotta remember that love isnt something to build ourselves on, because alot of times it feels as if love can build or destroy us

Name : Marco

Instagram : @raviolimarco_

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