Emily Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi I’m emily, I’m not overly exciting to be quite honest, but I always try to make others days better

Thoughts On People In The World?: Well I’m not overly sure, there are many different people, and many different personalities. Pw ever I do feel that more people need to become caring towards each other and look out for one another rather than use the more worse personality traits that some people have

What are your inspirations & goals?: I want to become a better person, to work with police, and help others where I can.

How would you impact the world?: By doing my best job I guess, try and make my impression on it, my mark you could say

Struggles In Life? : I’ve had many struggles in life, my life has been quite frankly rather rubbish from start to current. Granted there have been some absolutely great moments that I will always cherish. But unfortunately the bad times always seem to stand out.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I guess the stereotypical thing for a tennager, my body, I’m never gonna like the way my body is, and I know that, but I’ve come to terms with it.

What does love mean to you?: Love meansand overwhelming warmth that almost fills your heart, and makes you feel somehow content

Name : Emily

Instagram : emily.bayliss

Jeremy Manning


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