Introduce Yourself: XXIT

Thoughts On People In The World?: People Are Misguided, We All Face Demons And most Of The Time People Dont Have The Strength To Overcome Them

What are your inspirations & goals?: I’m Inspired By Great Thinkers Good Vibes And Success, My Goal Is To Give People An Escape From Life With My Music, On A Deeper Level Save Lives With My Music And Show Other’s How To Be A Better Person

How would you impact the world?: My Music Would Be Impactful To The Party Style Of Life And Therapeutic To Whoever Listens To, If Put In The Position Try And Preserve More Wildlife Like Oceans, Forests, Air. Another Goal For Me Is To Make Growing Up Less Of A Struggle For Kids In Poverty And To Educate People To Follow Their Dreams And Not Just Be Another Followe In The System

Struggles In Life? : I’ve Grown Up Around Everything Negative Imaginable. Poverty, Violence, Pain, Loss, Complications, Defeat

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I Love Myself Completely, Self Love Is Somthing That Cane Early, I’ve Always Been Able To Make The People Around Me Happy In Some Way, Growing Up In A Life Full Of Pain Made Me Realize If I Could Do That I’m Doing What I Should Be An I’m Loving Myself Everyday For That

What does love mean to you?: Love In General To Me Means To “ Care Uncontrollably” To Care About Something More Than Everything Else In Life

Name : Deavonie Cowan

Instagram :


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