Introduce Yourself: Introduce myself ..? Hmm well , hey my name is cj soriano i was born in Charlotte North Carolina I’m 16, I’m 5’6. I’m funny, goofy, loving, caring , I’m just different I feel like I stand out a lot , but I like it to be different I don’t wanna fit in. I play basketball so being different is what I have to do to stand out to these scouts and I do this to make my family proud and go to college and play D1 basketball. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense , but I’m not used to opening up I usually get picked on for being the smallest or being weird.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I feel like everyone is human . Like in the sense you put your pants on the same I do one leg at a time , unless your a really cool ninja dude/Dudedets then your really cool and props to you lol , but I think everyone unique in there own way ..if your a girl and your reading this and you call yourself ugly … look your not stop saying that have some more confidence all right everyone is beautiful in there own way and don’t let nobody tell you other wise . This is for the people that’s kinda chubby is ok to have a lil more meat then people let that fuel your fire and encourage or motivate you to work out and burn all that fat I was really fat when I was in 6-8 grade and I burned all that weight over the summer. If I can do it you can to .

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations in life is to play basketball at the university of chapel hill I been dreaming to go there since I can remember , I wanna go and play under the coaching of Roy Williams (best coach to ever coach in NCAA history besides coach K shout out to him) and beat Joel berry all time scoring record there and be able to watch my jersey go up in the rafter and get drafted into the NBA and get trained by the best guard in the league Chris Paul and win MVP , but if that don’t work I wanna be like doctor reed from criminal minds

How would you impact the world?: I bring nothing but positive energy &’ I’m told people like being around me

Struggles In Life? : My life wasn’t easy I just lost my cousin in a shooting and that scared me for life I was really close to him… But I grew up in Charlotte North Carolina, but I moved when I was 4-7 one of those I moved to Waterbury Connecticut . I really don’t remember cause I was too young , but all I can remember is when we got kicked out our house and we had to sleep from family to family houses and they nevered helped I remember one time we slept on the car for like a month and my mom and did used to buy me and my older cheeseburger off the dollar menu and buy what we can , there be some nights where my mom and dad didn’t even eat so we can eat . It’s crazy , but it’s fine once I make it imma buy my momma a home take me and family shopping and on a cruise and travle to places like the Bahamas and bora bora stuff like that.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel like I’m fine just how I am. I just wanna get a six pack , I just wanna make it out Waterbury I wanna make it out so I can see my family happy and no longer struggle. And who ever said I won’t make it let’s see who has the last laugh once I do UNC here I come .

What does love mean to you?: It’s a rush , but don’t fall for everyone don’t let the past stop your from finding true love use the your ex as an lesson and test the waters and if you feel like your gf/bf going down that path push away from that path , but he or she still go down that bad path leave don’t stay there and waist time and hurt yourself

Name : Cj Soriano

Instagram : @Cjupnext._


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