Catherine Hnamte Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi! My name is Catherine and I live in Mizoram since birth. I’m an extroverted person, I love to take photos of what I think is beautiful and about my figure I’m just perfectly imperfect and I’m confident enough in my own body. To top it I’m a proud Christian

Thoughts On People In The World?: Well… First of all they’re all beautiful, when you know a person not only his exterior character but his true feelings and his backstory, they all have their reasons for the way they are so to know the reason who they are today made them worthy and beautiful and I’m proud that they all made this far. People should not be quick on judging people. We all live to love and support each other so why bother making war when we all can love each other with all our flaws.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My goals for every year increase so it’s all about making myself to become a better person and to be a helping hand especially to those who suffer from mental illness because I know how much it affects the life of a beautiful people and my another one of my goal is to travel, just travel and travel and travel because there’s this feeling inside me that always makes me feel super alive whenever I went to new places. And my inspiration, is Jesus Christ. His holy words and his love for us still keep me alive and going forward till this day, even in my darkest and lowest days he’s still there with me, to tell me that I’m not fighting my battles alone, so he’s my true inspiration. Some may call me “Jesus freak” or “wannabe Christian” I mean who cares

How would you impact the world?: I will impact the world by spreading positivity and love. I want to make a great image to show them that if we all work together we can stop all this hatred and war that’s been going on.

Struggles In Life? : To be honest, I’ve been struggling my whole life I mean who doesn’t? I felt that I was never really good enough for everyone and thinks that I’m never their first choice, I struggle a lot about how to love my body for the way it is, I have too many insecurities that sometimes it’s really hard to focus in what’s good in me and have fun but it’s not that fun with all the bad thoughts running in head. Sometimes like most of the times I just want to vanish, not die, but just vanish.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel great, I’m precious, I’m beautiful, I’m loved by many most importantly Jesus. I learn how to love my body who have been working so hard to keep me alive even though I treated it poorly, I fill myself with positive thoughts and leave out all negativity. I’m a girl saved by grace and I think that’s truly beautiful enough.

What does love mean to you?: Love… In my childhood days, I always think about all this Disney movies as true love, the singing, the love at first sight and yes, the happy ending. But as I grow up, I find out that love is all this directions I can’t explain. I find love in everyone I meet and the way they show their love to me is all different so it’s really a hard thing to say that “Yes! That’s definitely love.” But after going through these rough roads I called love the only love I found is in Jesus Christ, it’s truly an amazing love I found in him and words can’t even describe it, think about it he died on the cross for us, to wash away all our sins, he paid all our price even though he did not owe. I think Jesus Christ is my love story

Name : Catherine Hnamte

Instagram : katie__cate

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