joseph (jeaux) Interview

Introduce Yourself: what’s good y’all, reader, i’m joseph, i grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana but i’ve been in Houston, Tx since August 2005. (kind of a long time through eye and mind but it don’t feel that way fareal.) i’m 25 with a now 1 year old son named J’szion. he no doubt my greatest achievement. that is our purpose right? (*check*) for the most part all my life i’ve had a heavy love for music and anything in relation to it. thats bae right there. you wanna hit me deep? share and reciprocate that same emotion lol and i’ll probably love ya forever

Thoughts On People In The World?: first thought on people is, we all human. literally and figuratively. imperfect humans at that. and we forget that about each other when caught in the moment. all we do is try. and we all lost. but it’s always hope for us.

What are your inspirations & goals?: my son is my inspiration. and all those i love. my goal is to continue finding me, or my place;my moment. to better myself in Jehovah God and his son and our Savior, Jesus eyes. and to actually do it and not just talk it. Goals of stability and making my mom and family proud. making a great difference, path, and support system for my Szion.

How would you impact the world?: facing my demons. speaking my truth. keeping that same love i know we are meant to have for each other. that love that’s lacked in these times hard. it’s essential.

Struggles In Life? : •fear. •sins i’m stuck in a cycle with: outta both enjoyment and pain. •problems forgiving. •not doing what all i know i could because of that first thing i mentioned.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : i love the love i have for things. when i truly love something i have a real sincere passion behind it where I can even feel that difference compared to stuff that’s “not so much”. i love the love i have for “good” people. i even feel like im a good person sometimes, but still i question myself as i question anybody. usually right here i would begin naming my many regrets or things i wanna change or go back to but at this point in my life i know going back just aint possible and the only change i would make is bettering myself from here on out. as far as the way i deal with things and how i should live. bettering my mind, body, and soul. for me, for God, for my son, my girl, my family/friends and anybody I come across. thats the energy i wanna have.

What does love mean to you?: everything.

Name : joseph (jeaux)

Instagram : le.underscore

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