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Introduce Yourself: Hi, my names Alondra Marure. 22 years old. I love to create and make people laugh. Found my soulmate 4 years ago and I couldn’t be more in love. A Vegan dog mom to a Jack Russell mix called Khloe Hunter. She’s a bit rowdy, that’s where her middle name came from. Strange but fitting if you knew her haha. Make up lover and a middle child in a family of 7. Crowded. That’s all I can say lol

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think this question is very tricky because I feel that my point of view can be very bias considering my lifestyle (Veganism). It’s very hard to give an opinion on the people in the world without offending someone, but I will say this ; we as people in general need to spread more love and kindness. I think that we are always on the go go go that we let our small annoyances or encounters with others determine how the rest of our days will be. If you take anything from this is that we need to start looking beyond just us and our lives because other people might be having the worst day of their life but that small moment you took to say “thank you” for them opening the door for you or “you are loved and cared for” can really make an impact on their day.

What are your inspirations & goals?: Hmmm .. what are my inspirations & goals? To be honest my inspiration changes everyday, depending on my mood so I can’t really pin point what that could be. On the other hand when it comes down to goals I have plenty, that if you opened up my agenda you would think.. “this girl is insaaaane” but no, I just feel that I can accomplish a lot (when I’m not being lazy, let’s face it everyone has their day haha). One of my biggest goal is to be an owner of either a Vegan Cafe here in LA or a Vegan clothing line that is affordable but stylish, something everyone can be comfortable in. I think those 2 might be my biggest goals that I’d like to share. It’s a bit of a far fetched idea but you know what they say? The universe is listening and I’m speaking it onto existence.

How would you impact the world?: If I could, the way that I would impact the world would be to educate properly on Veganism. I know a lot of people find us annoying or say they have met one before and they were mean to them so that made them ditch the whole idea. I get that, I’ve met a few annoying Vegans myself but I also see what they are trying to teach that just doesn’t come across as the nicest thing. That’s how I would like to impact the world by having professionals help people who are genuinely interested in our lifestyle. We only have 1 planet and we aren’t loving it the way we should. I know we can’t make EVERYTHING be Vegan friendly but we could at least try, have that conversation and open up. I never in a million years did I think I’d become one but here I am and trust me it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Please don’t be discouraged if someone didn’t get it right the first time, give it another shot! I’m sorry my reply to this question was everywhere but as you can see my lifestyle is ONE of my biggest passions & I hope that maybe one day I can inspire more and more people to make a change and give it a chance.

Struggles In Life? : As a 22 year old woman living in a time where social media is everywhere and you see all these perfect lives the biggest struggle I have I feel is telling myself “they are my age and have achieved all of that already?” That is the worst thing I can do to myself and my mental health because I’m basically saying if I don’t have these things I am not enough and that’s not true! I need to come back to reality sometimes and tell myself , that it is okay to be where I am right now and so should you. I know I’m not the only one going through this, remember .. you are enough.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Yes. Of course now I don’t know if I would ever go through with it but I have thought about getting a nose job. I know I said in my last question about being enough but this isn’t about me hating a part on my face it’s about it just being to big for my face if that makes sense haha I blame my dad for that, see as I inherited it from him! That’s the other reason why I said that I have only played with the thought. My dad is someone who is an amazing wonderful man & if that’s all I can take from him is this nose then so be it, i can live lol

What does love mean to you?: Love.. Warmth. Safe. Life. Laughter. Togetherness. Family. My pets. My boyfriend. Mother Nature. A nice cup of coffee or tea. Saving animals. A good book. Music & Movies. Adventures. Memories. A bed & a goodnight’s sleep.

Name : Alondra Marure

Instagram : alondramarure

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