Rustic Walnut Tabletop – Customize & Order Online

Rustic Walnut Tabletop – Customize & Order Online – $159.00

 This Rustic Walnut Tabletop features the full growth spectrum of the Walnut tree – both the old dark heartwood and the younger lighter sapwood.

  • Rustic Walnut Tabletop made from Solid American Black Walnut
  • Grown, Sustainably Sourced and Handmade in the USA
  • Full Length Walnut Planks
  • Customize & Order Online
  • Wide Plank Width from 3″ to 6.5″
  • The tabletop pictured measures 30 x 82 x 1

This beautiful, handmade Rustic Walnut tabletop will travel from our small shop directly to your home. We’re confident that you’ll love the impeccable quality and care that goes into every handmade piece.

Here are some of the great features of this handmade tabletop:
Built to Last a Lifetime. We hand pick only the best quality kiln dried hardwoods.
Handmade in Colorado. Everything we make comes from our shop in Denver…the place we call paradise.
Beautiful. It’s built with hand selected domestic Walnut…it will look great as your tabletop!
Functional. This size and shape wide plank top makes a beautiful tabletop.
Great Size. This top is available in any size custom fit to your home.
Easy to Maintain. We provide maintenance instructions in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Taking care of this butcher block is very easy.
Custom orders? We respond to emails quickly, so don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Jeremy Manning


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