Red Ribbon Awareness Bracelet

Red Ribbon Awareness Bracelet – $19.99

Life is about ups and downs. There are times when we need to be strong – for ourselves, for friends, for family, for community or for complete strangers. This Red Ribbon bracelet is more than just an accessory to wear on your wrist. This signifies optimism, confidence and courage to fight back and emerge successfully from the toughest phases of life. Wear it to support for the causes of: AIDS Awareness – a deadly disease that has devastated numerous lives, but we need to keep fighting. Substance-abuse Awareness – addiction to drugs or other substances have been ruined not just lives, but communities as whole. It doesn’t help, rather makes it worse. Vasculitis Awareness – Vasculitis is a group of disorder that destroys arteries and veins by inflammation. Damage is caused due to migration of White Blood Cells (WBCs) Heart-diseases Awareness: People around the world are struggling with number of heart-related diseases, which can ultimately cease the Heart from supplying blood to our organs. There are remedies, but we need to spread awareness. In-Stock and Ships within 24-hours Fast Delivery – Within 2-4 business days100% Money Back Guarantee

Jeremy Manning


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