Teo Interview

Introduce Yourself: I am Teo, an introverted incoming freshman.

Thoughts On People In The World?: Despite the continuous increase of bad news brought about by humanity itself, I do believe that the good still outweigh the bad. I truly believe that there is light in everyone’s thoughts and warmth in everyone’s hearts.

What are your inspirations & goals?: First and foremost, I’d like to be successful in my future career, and I’d like that my passion would be as strong as ever regardless of stressful situations I may encounter that may drag me down or even make me dislike what I aspire to be.

How would you impact the world?: As simple as it may seem, I’d start to impact the world by treating people with kindness. I strongly believe that kindness is one of the many universal languages we have. If I treat people with kindness, it acts like a beacon for others to continue spreading what is right rather than what is wrong. Also, if I were to finish my studies, I would like to give back to people, even if I have to work for free. Nothing sounds as better as being able to help save lives and make people smile.

Struggles In Life? : All throughout my life, I have been a really shy person. I think that this has hindered me from reaching my limits. I succumb to the thought that I am satisfied with what I already have, rather than expanding my circle of friends and experiences. My shyness brought me to a position that I get scared to try out new things and to take risks. I want to be able to fully understand what “you only live once’ means. I want to try things and fail, yet improve. I want to break rules and learn from mistakes. I want to be more vocal of my opinions, yet still listen. I want to love, yet be sure. I want to lead, yet still reach out to those I govern over. There are a lot of things that I believed I missed out on due to my being shy, and I like to change it to try and live my life to the fullest.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : Honestly, I feel very mediocre. Like I haven’t achieved or experience enough at my age. I feel like I should be doing more, extending my circle of interests and friends, and stepping out of my comfort zone more. The risks I take are so little that it has confined me in a mentality that I should not do things in fear that I might fail or I may look stupid. I also feel sorry for myself sometimes for being hesitant. If I were more confident, it would surely make me a stronger person. Though changing oneself takes an incredible amount of time and effort, I’d like to change by doing things one step at time.

What does love mean to you?: I think that love has no solid definition. Love is not simply having feelings for your significant other, or having that strong bond you have with your family or friends. Love extends to the depths of everything and anything, whether it be a subject that pierces your interest, a hobby that ignites you, a dream that you want take a hold of, a value you see important, a belief you swear your life to, or even an inanimate object you hold dear.


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