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Introduce Yourself: I am priya chandela, delhi based anchor by profession and a travel blogger by heart, raised by the strongest single woman

Thoughts On People In The World?: Different. Every human being is different, i realised this while travelling that there are people who think that its the culture and rules which are different varying from country to country, but no its in the human nature every human is different from one another, same culture same rules are followed differently by different individuals, it is so and so intresting to know & explore zillions and zillions of varieties that humanhood offers, thats why i got addicted to travelling and meeting new people in the meanwhile.

What are your inspirations & goals?: Almost everybody inspires me in one or the other way, its not about the whole personality which inspires me, its ome or the other habbit, nature, behavioural pattern whixh inspires me, when i meet anybody new I observe and learn about them and pick one of the best thing as an inspiration. It is often said that there must be a goal of one’s life, but truly i have no goals in my life, the only goal i have is my today’s happiness, is happiness from within and not just being happy from the outer crest . Finding happiness in whatever i do or you say being able to do all what makes me happy is my ultimate goal till i die.

How would you impact the world?: Words. I am somebody who really understands the importance of WORDS in life, being an anchor i realised how important is “What you speak” as a traveller i realised “How importance is what story you tell” as a person i realised “How important your words can be” BUT only of they are inspirational, motivational and helpful for somebody, With my writing & power of words i want to spread the utmost positivity in human beings for making word a better place to live.

Struggles In Life? : Life itself is a struggle, from being able to come about of the womb to growing up into adulthood, from handling adulthood to turning into a old body and to see the death coming its all a strugle, the only thing you can do is to enjoy the struggling period and maintain the positivity. I have had a terrible childhood, was abandoned by family, the inly person who was there by my side was my mother, from childhood to adolescence i have seen the worst scenario poverty can offer you, standing on my own feet in the industry which is so harsh in some ways and so on and on, but all that strugle was worth it, now when i look back i pat on my own back and tell my self “You have come a long long way, but a long long way is ahead you, keep mooving girl “

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel so and so proud and confident avout my own self, if i was my own child i woudl have been a proud mama, haha !! And no human being is perfect, so am i, and off course i would love to change few things but only for the betterment, and those changes aren’t materialistic, and i am not desperate for those changes, i am pretty happy if nothing changes at all but yes, if i get a chance to improove things i would definitely love to change few habbits which can make me an even better human being.

What does love mean to you?: Love is as important as air is to live, this might sound too cheezy but i am somebody who can just not survive without love, whether its love that i receive from my family, or whether its from a friend, a partner, my people who follow me on different social media platforms, every kind of love really makes my life better and worth living. Love has so and so many kinds, it is not comparable at all, like for instance i can never express and compare gow much i love my mother, my sisters in comparison with how much i love my partner whom i love.

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