Niku Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hello~I’m Niku, 18 years old, from Isfahan a beautiful city in Iran~ I’m an art student, I’ve studied graphic arts for two years but I’m about to change my major.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I love everyone!! I’m a person interested in history and culture, so I love to get to know the people from around the world …I know that some of them don’t like my country due to political reasons, they judge only by what they hear in news, I wish I could change that~ I want them to know that how nice our people are and how beautiful this land and its history and art is. I hope we could judge less and love more:)

What are your inspirations & goals?: Things that inspire me and help me go through my days are my family, friends and BOOKS!! learning sth new every day~ my goals are simple! I want to be a great artist, to let people see what is in my head ~ also being a Mangaka has always been my dream and goal. and of course one day I’ll travel around the world 🙂

How would you impact the world?: to be honest… I don’t know. It might sound selfish, but making my dreams come true might be the best. also I think by making people happy, by creating something new…I’ll try~

Struggles In Life? : well right now the only thing I can think about is my entrance exam. The standards are too high, I have studied a lot but it’s never enough…believe me it’s the hardest level of a teenager’s life here. some people start to get ready for this when they’re ,like, 12 !!

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel quite good about myself. I wish I could let go of my shyness and be more confident. I’ve lost a lot of things because of this…

What does love mean to you?: Love is love, there are no rules! but for me love is epic~ giving up everything, doing anything for what or who you want. Also sometimes love is a kind feeling you have toward something pretty simple,like a flower~ I could write a book about “love” and it’s meaning~ it’s quite complicated..

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