Jessica Jimenez Interview

Introduce Yourself: Im Jessica Jimenez an im from big heart colorado

Thoughts On People In The World?: The world is full of miss communication there been lack of unity an more of Silent segregation the segregation in our minds an the lost of love in our hearts its like many people fear to lose thier pride from let me help you outto Ill Just fo it myself people domt wanna work together not wanting to grow as one butas alone but in reality what do we have when alone nothing’s cause everything start’s form something that something is us

What are your inspirations & goals?: What are my inspirations an goal to be happy

How would you impact the world?: Music fun music no sad songs

Struggles In Life? : Many people not just I been bullied based on how I look I used to be called out being the bigger kid I struggled a lot with my weight an self love

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel pleased with myself an where Iam now I’m doing what I love an thats Music an that’s my purpose an it is a challenge I accept an a challenge Im willing to win success is the only option because Every moment Every action I do is leaning to my purpose my music its my life if my word’s can just spark a person’s mind to think to be happy for a split second forgot thier worries an be joyful then im doing just what I love making people happy

What does love mean to you?: Love… To me means whatever it is that puts a smile with one look one though

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