Darkz Anzan Interview

Introduce Yourself: My name is Darkz Anzan

Thoughts On People In The World?: Peoples the only living being in planet earth who is not showing its real self. People’s are fake. I know peoples have become clever and they think being fake makes their life easier which is total selfishness. In this clever world peoples are growing faster but they are growing alone. Nowadays peoples are spreading more and more hatred in the world . But if you ask me i wish all peoples in the world were not clever but a little dumb “yes including me too” . People need love. And i wish peoples were like dogs.

What are your inspirations & goals?: I dont have a particular goal right now but when I was small i always used to dream about becoming a great scientist and create a substance which grants us immortality…but now I have realized that this education system is nowhere near to understand our inspirations. They taking our ability to dream for the future like we used yo when we are kids. But today my goal is to be successful CEO of some organization. And in the mean times i love to play guitar .

How would you impact the world?: I have no way means of impacting this world of ours where have lost their humanity. People’s who dont see nature is being demolished by our very hand . People’s who only see for themselves not even for their uncomming children . How can I impact the world where peoples have gone so vile?

Struggles In Life? : I dont have sttuggled that much but i family has and I m with them . My father who sold our land when I was a kid. He used to get satisfied when he had money in this pocket. Regardless of any other problems in the family. After selling all our land instead of investing it for better business or buying a single land in another place , he just didn’t do anything. And no one was working in the family that money from the land was totally gone in several years . Then my father dinay went to foreign for employment and he used to send so less thats its was difficult for me and my mother to live our daily lives .But my mother was a strong women with a strong will so she went on a parlour training . And when my father was back from foreign my mother was already started a parlour and its was working well with the income .

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I literally hate myself , because i can’t get to change myself . I have been consumed by enjoyment and I can’t seem to think about my future well. I always promise myself that I m gonna change but in the end its all the same. I m already tired of myself with this. Even though I still someday I will change

What does love mean to you?: I have never been in a relationship. Yet i m 20 years old now. I haven’t even kissed a girl. I always though love is pure and is a not a thing to be messing with because I might end up getting hurt . That’s why I never tried to be in a relationship. For me love is the only thing that over comes hatred and all the pain in the world. Love which can restart our dream once again love which gives us new hope in life for change .Love which help us to struggle in life with a smile .For me love is like a shooting star which grants any wish . Yet i have never been in a relationship.


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