Brandt Michael Crabbe Interview

Introduce Yourself: My name is Brandt Michael Crabbe and I am alive to love all living things and by doing so hopefully help others to expand their love.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I love everyone, even before meeting them. Sometimes it’s a little harder when someone doesn’t love themselves but the more reason to give them love. I want everyone to be happy and live the life they want. I enjoy helping others in anyway I can with no expectations of help in return.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations come from a smile or laughter. Noticable genuine happiness is all I want to see. So, with that, my goal is to help others reach happiness through kindness and love. I want to be this way and want others to as well but that does not mean I expect it from them. Others need to want to feel this way on their own. That’s why I just want to help and to love the way I do as an example.

How would you impact the world?: I would very much like to be able to help anyone I can reach their goals. We all have a lot of love to give some of us just forget and need reminders.

Struggles In Life? : Watching other people struggle and not being able to help them.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I love myself but sometimes I forget. I wish I could always feel this way but part of the process of learning who you are requires forgetting.

What does love mean to you?: Everything. I want to share my love with everyone I can, even the people who may not believe they des

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