Amber Interview

Introduce Yourself: i’m amber, i’m 14 and i never fuckin learned how to read

Thoughts On People In The World?: people r ugly lol

What are your inspirations & goals?: i wanna like move to california where it’s not so yeehaw and just like persue music

How would you impact the world?: since i’m bi and half turkish id like to just spread the word to just be yourself and if anyone says something different then fuck them (not literally)

Struggles In Life? : well where i live is very yeehaw and everyone’s just a racist, homophobic, conservative, christian

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : i’m a bit ugly but i got personality so that’s dope but my ass kinda flat

What does love mean to you?: love is like when you just open with someone or something and they just make you happy and shit sometimes it lasts but most of time it doesn’t but that’s okay cause something will come around


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