Samantha clementine interview

Introduce Yourself: Samantha clementine

Thoughts On People In The World?: There is definitely a mix some with good intentions and some with bad intentions.

What are your inspirations & goals?: Go to schools and teach them life skills like cooking and cleaning and how they need independence and organization to live in their own home

How would you impact the world?: idk

Struggles In Life? : Money is a big struggle. Having to afford food, rent, gas r

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : We live in a Society that makes us want to look “perfect” and I’ve learnt that this is impossible Andy you can’t look like the women on a magazine because that is unrealistic unhealthy and fake. I wish had more

What does love mean to you?: Love, oh love. It can break you. It can kill you. I have been in a number of relationships and have seen the relationships with my friends and their bfs. All of these were terrible. I feel as if there is no point ass all the relationships I’ve been in has left me in tears for months. I know everybody says this but I have put up a big wall as I can not even let myself fall in love again. I’m so scared. But the good side love is amazing the way you can feel for someone, want to spend every second with them. When someone has a “crush” and they like them back is so amazing. A spark. It can make you feel so happy. One person can make you smile when you have had the worst day ever. A best friend that you love thst you need that you want to kiss and hug all the time

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