James summerfield Interview

Introduce Yourself: I’m James summerfield 24 years old and I live in Walsall Uk

Thoughts On People In The World?: There’s good and bad people in the world.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My goals are to become a personal trainer and open my own business. Currently doing a course. Be a better version of myself. Finish my weight loss journey aswell and be happy. I got inspired by 1 or 2 fitness Youtubers.

How would you impact the world?: Tough question. Maybe not impact the world but I could change a few people’s lives for the better.

Struggles In Life? : I grew up with a narcissist father. I often got controlled and used for work as a kid. No pay. I felt worthless. Verbally abused. Sometimes physical and mentally. But I grew stronger and overcome it.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I’m happy with myself. I recently lost 35kg of weight. Maybe think before I jump the gun to quickly. And learn to relax just a little tiny bit sometimes.

What does love mean to you?: When you have strong feelings for someone and would do anything for them.

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