Alex Travers Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hello my name is Alex Travers. I’m a 14 year old girl with high hopes. My interests include Art, Dancing, Music and Drama. I read and write sometimes but I am mostly an active person. I always have to be doing a task.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think people in this world are kind of metaphorically blind. I understand that they can see but sometimes I think people don’t see past things. That’s why I get so upset when there’s problems in the world like racism it really upsets me because I think people should try and look past our differences and see that we are all in the same journey together and we should all be united to help each other along the way.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My main goal in life is to have my dream career. My dream career would be to become a tattoo artist. I love the different styles of art within tattooing.

How would you impact the world?: If I could impact the world in any way I would try and stop people judging each other. I think the biggest issue in our generation is the judgment we have for one another.

Struggles In Life? : My main struggle is myself. I always put myself down saying to myself that I can’t do something or I won’t be able to complete something in time but I think if I try and steer my mind away from that negativity I could get much more done and improve myself a lot more in day to day life.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I think I am easy to talk to and I’m a great communicator. I had a lot of energy and motivation for things I set my mind to. I’m caring and loving and take care of things very well but if I could make a change it would be through my confidence. I’m not very confident and I never have been but as I grow older it has been progressing but I would love to push myself a bit more to really show myself off and not be afraid to.

What does love mean to you?: I think love is a shared care for each other. Or it can be your care towards a person or an object. I don’t think there is one definition for love because love can be expressed in many different ways but to me love means that they or it means a lot to you and it would be hard to live without.

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