Makayla Bentley Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi! I’m Makayla Bentley & I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m originally from Mount Vernon, Washington – about an hour North of Seattle! I’m 19 years old 🙂

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think this world consists of so many different types of people. Both good and bad, postive and negative. I think it’s so important to be the best YOU, you can possibly be.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My goals are to finish school & become a botox injector. I also want to marry a Christ-like man & have a family 🙂

How would you impact the world?: Random acts of kindness, all day & every day! I would constantly be a helping hand for my friends, support my community, state, and world. One thing I’ve always been interested in is having a non profit organization for foster kids!

Struggles In Life? : I grew up with a mother who chose drugs over her children. My mom was addicted to heroine, causing my sister & I go live with our grandparents and be raised by them. My mom suffered through addiction my entire life & recently overdosed. My hardest day of my life was burying my mom, at the age of 35. Another struggle that I went through was being sexually assualted my Freshman year of college. It’s something that I will never forget, one of the most traumatic experiences I’ve ever gone through.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I think I’m a very positive, outgoing, and loving person. I try to better myself all the time & when I feel like I am where I wanted to be, I set new goals for myself. Physically, emotionally, & mentally!

What does love mean to you?: To me, love is always having someone you can trust, someone you’re comfortable with, and someone who is dear to your heart. I think with today’s society, we forget that we can tell our friends, acquaintances, and family that we love them. Constantly, tell people you love them because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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