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Maisa Interview

Introduce Yourself: i’m a person and as everyone else i’m here to learn and grow

Thoughts On People In The World?: i think people need to care less about their problems on this world, because life is much bigger than that and once you understand that there is no need to be sure about things and that your soul speaks and guides you, you will lige a happier life

What are your inspirations & goals?: be more me. always. forget the ideias that society wants to put on out minds and be more soul.

How would you impact the world?: the way you handle life impacts others everyday. the world is getting sick because of hate and bad feelings. don’t help with that. bring love and peace instead and you will feel the difference.

Struggles In Life? : relationships are always complicated. it is difficult to deal with people because we still have many toxic predesignated behaviors in our society.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : i’m feeling good and awake (after a long and bad moment of my life) and we always have changes to make. the is no growth without changes. i decided to live more and do things for myself and day after day i feel more that in on the right way, because the right way is the way into us. the more tou can listen to your soul, the more this will bring you what you need. life is easier than we take.

What does love mean to you?: purity. we dont choose to feel it. it is a truly pure feeling. spread love

Best online photo editor, collage maker and designer!
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