Ibraheem Youssef Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hello, my name is Ibraheem Youssef. I am 19 yrs old and I am the creative artistic director at noReplies, a clothing line that I created in December 2017

Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts on people in the world are always positive. I see the people as such who are able to come up, create or make something out of nothing i.e can do something constructive which has benefits. Especially the people of this new generation. I see them as creative, innovative, energetic and motivated individuals. Most of the time the youth or the middle-aged people are under-estimated for their work & contributions to the society thus they see themselves as individuals who can’t make it with their Art or any other thing that they want to bring out or as failures. You don’t need to be a Gandhi or Mother Teresa in order to leave your mark on the world. Just keep doing your piece of work, someday you will be acknowledged for it and be able to be a leading personal and figure in your society. And the most important one is change your thoughts, change your world. If you have a negative attitude towards something that you want to do and you not able to do change your attitude. Let it be positive, Surely you’ll see that you can be able to accomplish it in short time period. Be change that you want to see and experience in the society and the world.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspirations are from Art and Style. For Art it is something I was craving for and still so. But for Style is my favourite thing to do, it is something that is in my life everyday. When you talk about Style, many things come into consideration. Are you a fashion designer?, fashion blogger?. Well I’m a creative stylist at request. Style is something each one of us already has, all we need to do is find it. And What I mostly get inspired from is Fashion, Style & Art. You will come across many people with different kind of taste in their fashion style and Art. The Fun in styling is stepping out of your comfort Zone. You don’t have to be like them. Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and get identifiable to others. Don’t always follow fashion, have ur own ways and trends. As I say “Fashion says me too, Styles says me Only”. And the joy of dressing of Art. My goals are to inspire and be inspired in any form. I want to inspire the new generations, motivate people to give the Best of themselves, show them that you can accomplish anything no matter what your journey was, as long as you have trust, believe and push yourself.

How would you impact the world?: You can change the world , just like I & you always thought we would. You can make a positive change, I can do meaningful deeds & contributions. And we can make a positive impact on each others life and also to other people across the globe. My impact on the world is to bring something beneficial to one’s life. Most people think how can one person do impact on the world… Well just a handful can make a huge difference. Think about it, give a thought. When one person influences a few others, there are two major effects; 1. A ripple effect that, over time can actually impact thousand over generations. 2. A broadening effect since one person influences many like multiplying tree branches.

Struggles In Life? : All life is a struggle-that is the nature of things. Even within our physical bodies, doctors tell us a conflict for Supremacy is going on. The bacteria in our bloodstream are waging a constant war against aliens germs. The Red corpuscles fight the white corpuscles constantly in an effort to maintain Life within the Body. So,we struggle with lot of things on daily basis. Things come and go. Few struggles don’t even matter to us and we just let them pass with time. But, there are few, very few, which daunt you, which follow you daily, which you’ve no clue on how to overcome, which are just leading you into self-criticism mode. I have one such struggle, right now, at this very moment and I am sure I’ll overcome it with time as I settle in is Impostor phenomenon. It’s a state of mental illness when you undermine yourself for every good traits you have and consider it as you don’t deserve it (e.g you consider what you’re selling via your resume is fraud). Happens with everyone and particularly when you start something new. And you feel this very likely when you have a past experience of failing in something.My Graduate classes start from 29th August and I do feel such things. Recently, when I went with my resume to apply for student consultant job, I felt the same. This somewhat comes from the past where I was unemployed for a period of 5–6 months and I belong to a place where everyone is from different places all over the world. The struggles we face in day-to-day life makes us what we are now. In another words, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Life is hard and those who don’t face the reality wither away like Leaves from a tree.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel myself as a caring person who loves himself no matter what. I see myself as someone who is always wants to give back to the society in one way or the other. I feel myself always to keep happiness. There may be difficult situations to confront but realize that those situations are not permanent. Optimism is the only thing that can drive your life forward. You should be aware of your thoughts-never allow any negative thoughts to dominate your mind & brain. And I also work on self-esteem. Remember, unless you value yourself no one else would value you. Be yourself. Always make sure to give your Best to everything you do. You being is the dopest thing you can do. Build self-respect and Reap good. With change… Yeah changes are good. They are refreshing and always give you something new to explore, which avoids boredom and creates new relationshipsite and contacts. For me, I would like change something from myself. I’m always that shy guy everywhere and don’t get much in contact with people. Don’t even get to know new people because I’m always shy most of the times. People don’t feel comfortable with regular activities and thus are stuck inside a shell. I want to Break out the shell and start to explore the possibilities around me as well as you can.

What does love mean to you?: The act of caring and giving to someone else…having someone’s best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life. To truly L.O.V.E. is a very selfless act. To which means knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on. It’s unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them. It’s like your heart tells you that it is good for you. Love never hurts or makes you cry your eyes out.

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