Anthony Roby Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hello, My name is Anthony Roby I am 17 years old and I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin I have a older sister (21) and a younger brother (14).

Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts on people in the world is that I feel like everyone has an excuse for what they do or did. Everyone says the world is a dangerous place and I absolutely agree but what a thought should be why isn’t anyone doing anything to make the world feel like a safe place?

What are your inspirations & goals?: one of my biggest inspirations is just one day wake up and be carefree. The only goal I have is to become a successful entrepreneur and to make sure me and my family have to never worry about anything.

How would you impact the world?: I would impact the world in a positive way because I want to be somebody that people look up to. The world doesn’t have enough footsteps for people to follow in or enough examples set for people to create their own. I just want to be able to show people that there’s always a way to be something in life besides what people expects you to be.

Struggles In Life? : one of my biggest struggles in life is seeing people in need and not being able to do anything about it or not having anything to offer.

How do you feel about yourself? Any changes you would make? : I feel like I haven’t reached my full potential I’m still young and I have the rest of my life a head of me. I don’t have anything I would change about myself at this moment.

What does love mean to you?: what does love mean to me? Love to me means going above and beyond for anyone that means the most to you. Being able to set a goal and have the best support system. Having a connection and being able to communicate about anything. To me love is just a word it’s all about the definition you decide to give it.


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