Anna Interview

Introduce Yourself: Hi love ones!!! My name is Anna ( some family calls me Banana ) I’m 26 years old (almost 27) one of the thing that i love the most it’s to be with my family, I also enjoy cookin I’m a register dietitian in Mexico , I also enjoy going to the movies I love terror movies , I love singing even though I don’t have that talent , so when I’m singing … I stop and just star thinking why I don’t have the talent . Something more about my self it’s that I like to help help people, I think that’s why a choose nutrition for career, actually I’m planing to study a second carrier. Probably nursing, I mean come one it’s never to late to have a second carrier as long as keep trying

Thoughts On People In The World?: My thoughts that a good question, well I think we all worth the same!!!! It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor; we deserve to be treated in the same way, we all deserve to be loved!!

What are your inspirations & goals?: My insipirations would be work hard! Because I want to help my parents, I mean they are old and I want them to stop working, they need to rest ! Other thing it’s I want to keep helping people it could be by helping change their eating habits or if I study to become a nurse helping them on thy needs. This last inspiration or goal call it how you like it but I want my own home so that one the things that I desired the most. So I need to work and help people and maybe karma it’s going to be good with me

How would you impact the world?: Trying to give my best for those who need it.

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : Although I don’t know you I love you all, and I hope everything you desire comes true, work for it!!!!!



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