Alyana Grace Galban Interview

Introduce Yourself: I am Alyana Grace Galban 15 yers old I live in Libertad Victoria Northern Samar or should I say I definitly live in Philippines and I’m not actually serious in my life

Thoughts On People In The World?: amh? they are awesome they have their own talent and the people in the world are genius thats all

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspiration is my family of course and my goals is to travel the whole world and also I want to be a model and Actress

How would you impact the world?: amh? I don’t think soo? because I’m not really interested about that world thingy

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : amh? hey people i just want to say that I want to know all of you although were not the same country I’m still willing to know each of you and be who you are and what you are thats all

Jeremy Manning


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