Introduce Yourself: I am a small town boy with big city dreams, also a fun loving social drinker.

Thoughts On People In The World?: Well people are becoming more and more selfish, also very hierarchy orented. Not saying everyone is but its the majority that gives everyone a bad name.

What are your inspirations & goals?: Well first i have no specific goals. I just want to do well for my self, be successful and be a provider for my close one, as they are my inspiration and they keep me in track.

How would you impact the world?: I believe with the right combination of words, every mind can be molded for positivity, do this in a mass scale and you have a better world.

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : Remember what goes around comes around. Do good and it will reward you as your one good deed changes anothers life resulting in a chain reaction.