Magdalena Interview

Introduce Yourself: Heyyoo I’m Magdalena Vick and I’m 13 years old

Thoughts On People In The World?: Well..some there are always gonna be jacked up people in the world and there is always good people in the world also so jus don’t judge someone by their looks 🙂

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspiration is me myself and I! I inspire my self everyday and my goals are for right now life and see what life gives me (:

How would you impact the world?: Hmm..idk how I (myself) could impact the world but it can’t take one person it takes everyone to make an impact so just live life and stick to the people that are there for you and ignore any hate and then the world will eventually be good (maybe..maybe not)

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : Ye..sooo everyone I jus want to say order to be happy is to love yourself u need to love yourself to feel loved and then just be confident in your own skin and don’t care what people think bcuz they don’t kno nun about you soo..jus ignore those people and yea:) allssooo..a lot of ppl I kno are scared to find love..well in my opinion I’ve never dated a guy but one time and it wasn’t good ig and I always wonder why have I never had a bf and well iss bcuz..well idk buh like, I thought I was like too ugly buh then as I growled up more I got more confident in myself and I know I’m pretty and so is everyone else in this whole universe so don’t ever think yuhr not pretty enough for a guy..bcuz yuhr gorgeaous!!! Also, just know everything happens for a reason and you jus gotta kno that and let it happens bcuz u can’t go back so let the things happen and wait till it’s over, and jus also know that people will always be too quick to judge others and it’s okay bcuz that’s the way they see the world..we all see the world different so don’t let people get to you!! Jus stay happy!! 🙂



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