Introduce Yourself: Im a short girl i live in NorthHollywood CA. My favorite color is green. Im a middle schooler in 7th grade. I have a brother and 2 sisters I also have a nephew and a neice. Im very appreciative on what i can get in life and I honesty dont need expensive things for people to know who i am or to show off.

Thoughts On People In The World?: I think people could have a chance to change the world on their own. Everyone should be able to be a good person on their own. re does’nt have to be “bad” people in the world. I know some people that go through many things and I actually like making people smile n laugh because if they have a bad day maybe i could be that one person who cheers them up for the rest of the day.

What are your inspirations & goals?: My inspiration and goals are to finish robitics magnet and comtinue with the future. Im very extited for my fiture because many people at my school have demonstrated what we could be doing in the future n how much money we woild make and i am just very fasinated about it.

How would you impact the world?: I hope to impact the world as a singer or my dream has always been to open up a sports clothing line.

Anything else you wanna say to people in the world? : To people in the world I would say always try your best never give up and never let anyone step over you.