Jamie Interview

Introduce yourself?: Hi I’m Jamie

What inspires you everyday?: The need to provide for my future family really motivates me

What is something you would change about people in the world?: I’d love if people thought before they spoke and if people didn’t want to intentionally hurt other people

How do you feel about the people in the world?: People aren’t always as they seem and if you find a person who restores your faith in humanity and you know would do anything they could for you, hold on to them

What is something you’ve struggled with in life?: I can’t say no to people as much as I’d like to

What is a positive message you would give others?: If you ever feel like the whole world is against you, it’s not. There is always someone who cares about you and wants to listen and make sure you’re ok. Suicide is never an option

what is some things you wanna tell people in the world and be honest? : You are not alone, you are not the only person who feels the way you do

Jeremy Manning


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