Matías Interview

Enter yourself ?: Hello my name is Matías Carrizo and I come from Villa Dolores Córdoba after the Sierra a growing but quiet city. What inspires you everyday ?: my inspiration every day is to make someone happy whether it is a stranger or someone close to me, there is no more satisfaction than that. What is something would you change about people in the world ?: I would not change anything, because people are people for something and maybe if people understood each other and knew what the pain of others is, the world would be better. How do you feel about people in the world? Sometimes disappointed and sometimes proud, because there are still good people in this world that inspire others. What is something you’ve struggled with in life ?: I’ve fought for my family, for material things without meaning without realizing that I already have everything. good parents the best brothers, now I fight for the happiness of others to protect them from what nobody protected me What is a positive message would you give others ?: My message is that you always have to keep humility, because without that we are nothing and if there are no good people around you it means that you yourself must be, because everyone needs to a hero. what is some things you wanna tell people in the world and be honest? : I would like people to understand each other, to see and feel the pain of others so they would know the damage they do sometimes and how happy they can make someone with so little.



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