1. Introduce Yourself ? Hello everybody my name is Julio Andrés laforte some friends call me paper some call me jizzle some call me prince lol or yung julian it’s a pleasure hope all is well with y all may u be blessed

2. What inspires you everyday? well sometimes I don’t know where this inspiration comes from I just wake up and sometimes I feel motivated sometimes I feel inspirational sometimes I feel I can’t do nothing it’s just weird or I feel I’m stuck like I am right now my back is freaking hurting but I still managed and also the fact that something drives me inside to do better every day like to try you know something different like means like the simplest thing  I can see something newspaper or see something just hear song or or just think about  fun things that I’ve done in the past or  you know it’s just crazy stuff like that I guess I guess I think about my family things like that you know things that air fire 2 your soul something different and I pretty much struggle my whole life you know I didn’t have support I didn’t have what normal people have I don’t have much really but if there is alot going on i wouldnt know because im in the blind and if i think whats going on its popping i think no one tells me anything lol so  this is all done by myself like really by myself no help at all but most thing that inspires me most is my mom she’s my backbone she’s everything to me at all cost it’s her you know I’ve always disappointed her and I want to change that I’ve always wanted to change that so I took my chances I just want her to be happy before anything tragic happens or anything but I don’t know what’s going on so you guys have to explain to me everything I don’t know why you I would want to interview me out of all people so this should be interesting it’s cool so I did

3. What is something you would change about people in the world? not as much change people cuz you can’t change nobody to realize that people aren’t the same you know some people have a difficult time with life just managing it you know some people don’t have goals of don’t know em don’t know where they’re headed stuck putting themselves in a lot of Staggering predicaments i know some people who were putting alot  of there futures in other peoples hand like if they have another life noooo u dont do that to love them selfs is another thong embrace u love u u are most important first god then u and so on and to those who have it easy you know you ok well you have a good Foundation people there you know not everybody have it good so that’s why I say have compassion show love and it’s in the blood you know it’s like help others help each other and you got to show love all this hatred on each other and all this malice and craziness as humans we intend to destroyed things consume things we have instead we have destroyed a lot of our planet resources and stuff like that you know endangered species we will consume everything so that’s why our technology nowadays is to rejuvenate things like to replace everything that we’ve destroyed fix up all of the Destruction so would say just build get smarter there’s no limits technology there’s no limit to the human soul for someone who only can use 10% of their brain we got kind of far so we got to somehow break that damn. Barrier we just got to learn about how are we going to surpass and keep going put in work because our souls are Limitless and very powerful so use it for good show love and keep in mind that life is precious everybody matters

4. How do you feel about people in the world? I’m pretty sure that my last question I answered was on point how I feel about that but I just got to be open-minded with each other we all come from different walks of life I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure we all spoke the same language and lived in harmony  also that’s another thing dividing each other we are one come on people love to cause problems by segregating each other’s lives and things I it’s like we also do to ourselves even in religion from different statues incoming s*** like people being poor or Rich it’s like like labeling yourself or someone. it’s like judging a person for no reason I just don’t know you but I’m going to talk s*** about you cuz everybody else is is I don’t know about other and how they think just the way I think people flip Scripps fast so before they do I’ll make sure I leave an imprint in their hearts to remember who had love for you when you didn’t love yourself know you love yourself you want to switch true life around change do it

5. What is something you’ve struggled with in life? oh my struggles are endless they go on forever there is a list  you know I can’t you want to be here all day to reading this cuz I got time no seriously I had so many so many things bothering me no struggle with addiction and I’ve struggled with life in general dyslexia stage-fright all types of stuff in and goes on on and on and on that list don’t stop.hatred towards myself towards others the way they treat me though i was being nice and they being jugdemental it’s just crazy how ppl are anyways you know thing LIKE beinging financially stable wanted to do my own thing trying to be free in and out of jail so finally i got Fed Up and stand up man I’m tired of being beaten to the ground so that pretty much sums it goes Forever this list

6. What is a positive message you would give others? I would give a positive message of Hope and Dreams of living their lives as they can to keep love in their hearts that you seek what they want God for guidance to pray for the right things to be humble to be loyal to be righteous to be positive in a negative situations be ladies and gentlemen be gentleman to have respect and one another just because you can from different aspects of life doesn’t make you different we all struggle We All Fall how we get up and stand  now that’s what’s going to Define this I usually don’t get to give people good advice but when I do I tell people stay positive my friend( I say this in my#worldmostinterestingmanvoice) just to get out there and do your part you may be hard but do what you got to do be happy doing it be productive and stayed level-headed and humble and loyal and respect

7. Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that? oh man this is going to be a hard one if I can change anything in the world where would I start I don’t know I pretty much summed it all up in the other questions I think our world is beautiful man little things that we have to change you know I think our government is one of the most things we have to change cuz this is getting out of control and it’s like come on man seriously they make this into some reality shows whatever the f*** it is Donald Trump your a****** it’s like we look stupid to other countries cuz this man represents us and also I don’t really want to go there with this s*** all I can say is get smarter and build bigger and do great survival intelligence strategize to be better we can break this it’s nothing what hell yeah we can be great again we always were we always will be we never weren’t great united we stand divided we fall I’m out God bless this was just PSA from ya boy paper money bags mache reporting live from the block via satellite from the money-hungry establishment you have been officially told to smack yourself we mean business and have a nice day thank you for tuning in


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