Jordan Potter Interview

1. Introduce yourself : Hi my names jordan Potter and I am 15 years old 2. What inspires you everyday? : My Saviour Jesus Christ is what inspires me everyday to live each day as a kind and good person. 3. What is something you would change about people in the world? : If I could change something about people in this world, it would be for us to be happy with what we have, and not be blinded by the thought of having more and more and not think of those that aren’t getting anything.

4. How do you feel about people in this world? : I feel that the people of this world all have good in them, but we are full of greed and hatred when it comes to peace and sharing, if we could only see what we could be with world peace. 5. What’s something you’ve struggled with in life? : Something I’ve struggled with would have to be is the fact that humans can’t see how we are killing our world with pollution and having no care for it, better yet some humans seeing how we are killing our — world and not doing anything to save it. 6. What is a positive message you would give others? : One thing I’ve also struggled with in life is the fact that humans can’t live as one, this whole black white thing going on is stupid, if we all just loved one another and stopped worrying about what happened in the past we could move on to a better world, my positive message would be to not look at what you see on the outside, but to look further and see the true colours, either you’ll see a lot — of good, or you’ll see a lot of bad, but with a lot of bad there had to be good, so try your best to find that little bit of good, because if you can maybe you can turn it from a little to a lot of good. 7. Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that? : I would take away all politics, banks and “leaders” from the world and bring all countries together to be as one nationality, so that one day when someone asks another person “where do you come from?” That — person will say back “I’m from Earth.”


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