My name’s Daria. I’m 18 years old and I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I’m studying at the university.I learn English and German languages. I love aesthetic things and my garden.

What inspires you everyday

My family, nature, art and interesting people inspire me.

What is something you would change about people in the world

I would really like to change people’s attitude to a lot of things. First of all, to be less critical of others. To love and appreciate what they have, to stop being envious of other people,too. And, also to be more calm and to start listening to each other.

How do you feel about people in the world

I feel like people nowadays are too obsessed with the materialistic things. I think that if you are completely content with who you are , you wouldn’t need materialistic things to  make you feel better..

What is something you’ve struggled with in life
I dont really like talking about what I’ve struggled with in my life. But I believe that all the things I’ve been through made me who I am today, made me stronger. I’m one of the very few who continues to persevere through the obstacles because the ambition to be successful keeps me trying.

What is a positive message you would give others
Try to love yourself and find positivity and inspiration around.Life is so beautiful and so you are 🙂

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that
Be the change you wish to see in the world!


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