My name is James Campbell (23 yrs old) I’m an aspiring music artist; yogi; software developer and bartender.

What inspires you everyday

Other then the obvious fame and fortune 😂 the true main inspirations for me are 1) I had a lot of people hate on me when I first got into music; like I couldn’t even get a compliment if I straight up asked for one… I WILL succeed because I use others doubts/negativity as fuel for my fire (like a train uses coal for example) but this train will never run out of coal because there is so much negativity out there.

I want to show everyone like me that they CAN follow their dreams; with hard work and determination anything is possible

And my inspiration is to one day become an inspiration for others out there going thru the same shit!

What is something you would change about people in the world

The way they perceive the rest of the humans in this world; everyone is out for themselves. No one wants anyone else to succeed more then they do, everyone is quick to judge withosurelowing the first thing about the person their judging! People need to realize that everyone is in their own world; everyone perceives things thru their brain differently then anyone else. That doesn’t make them a lesser person because they don’t think the same as you! By putting those negative vibes out in the world

How do you feel about people in the world

I love everyone; I think everyone is unique and special in their own way; I just wish I could help those of them to open their eyes and realize we’re all friends not enemies!

The unfortunate truth is a lot of people look at others as enemies or adversaries

Build each other up; don’t knock one down just to steal a couple bricks to lift your building 6 more inches

What is something you’ve struggled with in life

Many things; but each makes you stronger as an individual; death; divorce as a young child; drugs; school; the law; money; you name it I’ve struggled there im sure But you struggle until you break free; learn; adapt; and overcome

That’s what makes us as individuals— EVERYONE HAS A STORY

What is a positive message you would give others
Never give up


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