I’m Kyla Rinehart, I am 18 years old just graduated and planning to attend cosmetology school soon.

What inspires you everyday

Everyday I always think about my role models and I compare myself to them trying everyday become more like them and one day be more successful than them. I also see the scum of the earth and all the bad they do and I strive everyday to eventually have the ability to make right all the wrong they do. Animals and nature also really inspire to improve myself, at times I feel like there is no good in humanity and sometimes the only goodness/ pure innocence I can find is in animals.

What is something you would change about people in the world
If i could change people in our world I would give people more empathy and forethought. If people had these two qualities I think all the the abuse and cruelty in the world would end. I would also like to change how important appearance is to everyone I think that is one of the number one causes of sexism.

What is your view on the people in the world
It’s hard for me to give my view of the people in our world without going greatly into detail but here are some words that come to mind: selfish, unaware, mislead, narcissistic but also beautiful, kind, smart and inspiring. The truth is for much of my life I have chosen to notice the bad people in the world more than the good. At times I have to really push myself to look at the positives and have hope for the human race. I use to hate learning history because it showed me how savagehumans could really be and explains how so many of us are still so savage selfish and just nor caring about who we are abusing. But when I try to see it from a positive perspective I now see that though we are nowhere close to where we should be we have come a long way and will continue to improve and better understand how our actions affect the world we live in. Humans have so much potential but to harness that we must first learn to understand we have to share this world with everyone

What is something you’ve struggled with in life
I’ve struggled with a lot in my life addiction to sneaking out, partying and drinking at young age while trying to deal with my parents separation. Despite these I would have to say my hardest struggle has been with my insecurity; when I would  tell certain people that I was extremely insecure they wouldn’t take it seriously because I guess in their eyes I had no reason to be insecure, and some People would accuse me of being vain and fishing complements.

As a really young girl before I went through my awkward phase I would receive a lot of complements from family and strangers. Which made me feel good about myself until I got older and started to feel like I wasn’t meeting those high expectations. I also got alot of my insecurity from my mom. She would tell me at a very early age that I was the most beautiful girl in the world and that no one was as beautiful as me but as I got older I noticed that she was so judgemental of herself and everyone. I saw the flaws she saw in everyone else in myself and it made me feel like I wasnt good enough. By the time I got to middle school I was kind of chubby and starting to feel really insecure but my mother made it worse by trying to push to become a model like she was for a while. She was always trying to make me better than her like I was her second chance at great success. She pushed me to loose weight by being on a sports team and working out. She wanted me to be a Victoria’s secret Angel,

I was just barely tall enough but the were certain size requirements that I did not meet, that I now see as completely ridiculous and unrealistic. For example you had to fall within the exceptions for waist ,butt, thigh,  and breast measurements. I joined athletics and pushed myself really hard but I never actually met those requirements ironically until I had already given up on my mother’s dream for me. Another huge cause of my insecurity at that age was my school Smithson Valley which was

filled with the most athletic girls I had ever seen, so talented some were at the Olympic level and sadly I just did not fit in with them. I was out of shape when I began athletics and I never made any team I tried out for. At that point not only did I feel insecure about my looks and personality I also felt socially insecure because I couldn’t find any group who accepted me and that I got in with. I went through middle school and the first year of highschool feeling like an out cast. I finally Left Smithson Valley and joined an online school which I hated. I didn’t begin to feel a tad bit confident until my junior year at a new school where I met my best friend and stopped caring about having a clique and fitting in somewhere. Now that I have graduated I still struggle with insecurity, depression and anxiety but I have come so far and I know that my true confidence and happiness is getting closer everyday. I’m working very hard to overcome my insecurity, it takes much time but so far

my efforts have been paying off!

What is a positive message you would give others
My positive message to others is never give up on yourself, never let yourself feel like you don’t deserve happiness and positivity in your life and never let your failures, mistakes, traumatic experiences or fears make you believe you are unworthy of being loved and treated with kindness and respect. We all make mistakes and get stuck in the negativity but it’s whether or not you let those downfalls inspire you to work harder or to give up that determines if you will find success and happiness.

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do that
I plan on making a difference by not conforming to what is easy. I want to be a voice for animals to fight for their rights. I want to lead by example and show the world you don’t have to do what everyone else does to be respected and loved. I want to break tradition and bring something new to the table, I will set trends that will have a positive impact on the world in every way.


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