Guilherme Bonates Interview 

Well, hi there!

My name is Guilherme Bonates, I’m from Brazil and I’m 18 years old.I’m singer and songwriter and I see the life throw this, from arts, from love and music!

What inspires you everydayMusic!I want to give a better life

For my family, friends…

I think about the power of music, it can make everyone better, change and feel everything, you know?I sing about love, about lifeAnd that’s why I do that, cause I love that!If everyone love each other, everyone live better!For me, change starts from respect.If you respect life, the life will respect you back.If we be one, we can change everything.For peace, for life and for love

Respect is the base.

Even when the nights are hard, even when the life is complicated, keep your faith safe inside of you.“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you!”As Coldplay sings, don’t forget this…Everything get better…

Even we can’t see this, always get better.

What is something you would change about people in the world
Preconception, for shure
People don’t have to agree with everything, but respect every choice who another people do.

What is your view on the people in the world

Well, some people are good, some are bad, but lately everywhere, people are just looking at the phone, people chat with everyone, it’s not bad but we have to do different things! You know, dialogue, hugs, humanity! You know?I think that we looking for everything and losing it all in the same time!In my vision, we have to take a time to be human,
To feel the life more than to get some likes on Facebook

The world is not badPeople make it be bad

Brazil is in financial crisis And it’s so so hard to get a job When I had a lot of money Everyone was my friendEverything was good But when a lost it allThe most of them Get out of my life Sometimes I cry for everything that happened
Sometimes I feel aloneI’ll be okay!God are with me

What is a positive message you would give othersNever give up! Give attention to what your heart says, not what they say!Be positive, be nice, be kind and lovely!And life will be too…With love, Bonates. X

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do itWow, it’s a hard question.Well, i would do people respect the differences.And the rest would come with.As I said, respect is the baseWith love.So if the people had this, all could be better.


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