Andrew Indigo Interview 

my names andrew indigo, im a 20 year old creative media kid born and raised in mississauga (s/o sauga), canada. if im not working on some new art or working with a client, im probably just bumping some tyler the creator or kid cudi… i could be watching movies or meditating though, who knows… anyways i believe happiness is the meaning of life, so i just spread peace, love, & positivity, and i hope the universe gives me back that same energy.

What inspires you everyday

my dad. my mom. my girl. a few homies. some rappers (a lot of local toronto spitters). some movie characters/directors too, like tim burton’s creativity or leo’s portrayal of jordan belforts need for success in the wolf of wall street. oh and of course, myself.

What is something you would change about people in the world

i would want people to see other humans the way i do, which is exactly that, like other humans. i would want a world where no stereotypes, no colours, no classes, no creeds, no sexual orientations, no borders and nobody can get in the way of what should be happening in this world: all cultures and people living in respect and peace towards each others ways of lives, and inspiring and teaching others how to be happier and more loving with who they are as a person. an almost* impossible utopia.

(* = maybe one day in the future earth will be like this, but sadly thats far ahead, as the division within our race is deeper than ever before). its up to us, the youth and new generations to spread this inclusive attitude.

What is your view on the people in the world

i dont really have one “view” on the people of the world. everybody is so different, with different beliefs, ideas, knowledge, cultures…. what i can say is that now, more than ever, the people of earth are divided. some people claim to be “woke”, others claim ignorance…some are ignorant and think their woke, and vice versa (theyre intelligent but choose ignorance, because its bliss). but as i said before, i kinda just focus on my own happiness, i try not to be judgmental.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life

anxiety. one time a couple years ago i even had to wear a heart monitor for almost a month. i guess it was just unspoken pressure and stress that was just effecting my life until one day my body wasnt able to handle it. im a lot better then i was before though, through finding my spirituality, passions, and myself, i learned that this life is too short to waste time worrying about the future. living in the now is the best possible thing anybody can do for their mind, body and soul.

What is a positive message you would give others

spread love. be happy. spread love. be happy. look at the positives, not the negatives, life is too short for worry or stress. be yourself, 100% of the time. and i know “spread love” sounds corny, but foreal, its something this world needs a lot more of. were all human. we, are, all, HUMAN.

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do it

the difference i would make would be the ability to communicate all of the messages i stated above to every single individual on this planet, and have it truly resonate with them. I feel like every single human being deserves to know that happiness is the key to a meaningful and healthy life, and that there is no place on earth for hate. be yourself. love yourself. love others. follow your passions. be HAPPY.


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