Jyrone Jackson Interview 

My name is Jyrone Jackson. I am currently a hard working college student, Electrical Engineering major, and fully devoted Christian.

What inspires you everyday

I look to God for inspiration. I believe that in his strength I can accomplish any goals I set for myself. I also strive to be the person her wants me to be. He inspires me to keep pushing when my muscles give out (figuratively).

What is something you would change about people in the world

If I could change anything about the people of the world I’d give them love. Love reigns supreme over all other things, but only if we spread and display it. I look at the way wealth is distributed among the nation and I don’t see love. I understand that some will be blessed differently, the word of God tells me so. I believe the amount people spend on frivolous earthly possessions, could be spent helping someone in need. Hatred and wickedness would  be conquered if the world  has more love.

That’s not to say that people can’t buy nice things for themselves and their love ones, but as a people we should at least consider the less fortunate.

What is your view on the people in the world

I think people have the potential to be great. We just have to step outside of ourselves and our comfort zones. We have to think as a unit as the human race not human races. People are smart, and I know that with God, guidance, and love we can become something special. If I had to describe the world on one word I’d say, lost. We just have find us and be the change we are waiting for. I believe we can do it. It has to be done together though.

What is something you’ve struggled with in life

I’ve been through my fair share of hardships. The word of God tells us that the days of man will be filled with troubles. I’m currently enduring my greatest life struggle, which is paying for school. God has brought me through so much that I know he’s able and I just put my trust in him. I make sure to try my best to be an upstanding Christian. I try to keep the faith and not lose hope.  It does get hard to stay positive in situations but God is always there.

Love is God and God is the light. The light brings joy, and the jot of the Lord is my strength. His love endureth forever.

What is a positive message you would give others

I would tell othere that Jesus loves them. No matter what problems they go through, Jesus is there. God allows certain things to happen so that we may become like him. Jesus was crucified, and so we must follow in his footsteps and carry the cross. Our daily lives are apart of a journey. Find faith and keep the faith. The devil will come, not as a red demon with horns. He’ll come as that braggadocious person that seems to get everything, you siblings that get on your nerves, even your best friend that betrays your trust God will and can bring you through it all. You don’t have to be a certain denomination. There is only one God, no matter what you call him. Love one another. Motivate one another. Learn from one another. Most importantly do not give up. You may be too prideful to tell people about your struggle, but in a relationship filled with love there is no room for Pride. Do not be afraid to fall, be very afraid not to get up.

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do it

I would lead by example, putting God first in everything I do. I want to be an engineer, but aside from my career I just want to please God. I know that He has a plan, and if He can use me the way He wants then His plan would be that much closer to fruition. God gave me a light, and I want to let it shine not for me, but for everyone. I want spread as much love and positivity as possible so the light in everyone shines. I also want to support my fellow Christians in their walk with Christ. Remain Humble


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