Hello Everyone , My Name Is Tyler

What inspires you everyday

My passion for music

What is something you would change about people in the world

There would be no way to change people of how they think or judge others but what would be nice is if as us human beings reliaze that this is reality & we gotta fight against the hate and judging & just love one and another honestly

What is your view on the people in the world

Honestly , theres judgemental , racist , hateful people in this world and it isnt like 50% of millions of people its way more then that & its crazy to say that cause our generation nowadays with all this killing people etc. Messes with peoples minds and makes them do and believe what others do , people are killing themselves and people are killing other humans cause of our society , of how we have trained our young group ages to mid adult ages

What is something you’ve struggled with in life

Me & My Mom Almost Used Up Nearly 7,000$ On Hotel Rooms Cause We Didn’t Have A Place To Call Home , Ive Struggled With My Lifestyle Of How I Lived It & How While Growing Up Not Really Happy When I Was Suicidal & Thought Of Giving Up On Life

What is a positive message you would give others

Dont Focus So Much On Love , Or The Hating Energy Because That Makes You Get Heartbroken Or Feel A Different Way , Stay Focused On School & Stay Focused On Youreself Because These Hating People Wanna See You Fail Cause Thats All There Life Has Been Or May Turn On To Be , Love Is Like A Leaf On A Tree Either It Stays On Or Falls Up ( I Came Up With That A While Back ) & Its True Because You Would Go On One of You’re Social Media Sites And There Will Always Be That Friend Or Random Person Who Talks About Love , Them Being Heartbroken

People Turn Out To Be Suicidal Through Love Cause There Tired Of Being Used Or Tired Of Showing Love Cause They Dont Get It Back , We All Know Who Is Reading This Right Now That We Have That Someone We Cant Get Off Our Mind But Then We Have To Get Them Off Our Mind To Keep Going On With Our Day

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do it

Change Everyones Perspective On How To Look At Life , I Mean Come On Kids , Make Music , Live Life , Let You’re Eyes See This Beautiful World God Has Created For Us To Explore & Expierience , Love & All That Can Fade Away In A Second , &  Make A Difference In The World ,  If I Could? Man… I Wish My Words Could Impact On How People Look At Life Instead Of Being On You’re Phones All That Time Like My Uncle Says We Are Turning Into Zombies If You All Havent Noticed , This World Is To Explore

Not Just Look Thru From A Phone

I Have Always Visualized That Everyone Could Be Happy & Accept Everyone Into This Beautiful World God Created For Us , Please If You’re Reading This Find Any Type Of Way To Change Something In This World Theres So Many Topics To Change Cause Kids Nowadays Are Bringing The Worst Energy Of Music Thru Everything To Kill Our Brains Feed You’re Brain With Reading A Book Or Learning How To Do What You Love , Lets All Take Advantage Of Social Media Now Cause Think About If We Were Those Of Who Didnt Have Media To Help Them Research Anything Back In The Days

Love Eachother & Spread Positivity Cause You Will Love Youreself After 🙏


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