Ryder Interview 

Ight, hello world, my name is Ryder, I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m a music producer n also rap a lil.

1. What inspires u everyday: Music is my life. I put a piece of my soul in every track i make n u can hear tha hurricane of my emotions in it. Also my gang n my homies totally inspires me in my living. Shoutout to 3AM GANG, Pheds who invited me in n all of my brothas n sisters who give me da support  every single day. Love yall

2: What is smth u wud change bout people: I think people need to be more kind to each other. We need to live in peace. Fosho its an utopia but i totally dont like that you need to be agressive to survive in this world

3.What is your view on the people: Most of dem are totally crazy

4:What is something you’ve struggled in life: I’ve lost my mom at the age of 13 n also some of good homies of mine during my life. Thats crazy to realise how  people can just disappear from this world. Also used to work at a fuckin factory at nights where i made my fingers look like a potato quz i burned them with cement. But dats ight i think 🙂

What is a positive message you would give others

Stay true to yourself, dont worry about what tha fuk people think, keep rollin to your dreams and be positive! I beleive that everything be as u wish

Last question if you could make a difference in the world how would you do it

I’ll get all da money from da reachest and drop it from da helicopter so people could pay their fukin rent. And also i’ll get in people’s minds n stop them being sad without a reason haha


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