Rylei Interview 

Hi! My name is Rylei, i’m 14, and I live in Morehead Kentucky with my 2 younger brothers, my younger sister, and my older sister! 🙂

What inspires you everyday ❤❤

Alot of things inspire me. Music is a big one for me; It inspires me to never give up, and that everything in life has a meaning, and that life is beautiful. My family is another big inspiration to me. When i’m upset or not happy, they make me feel important and loved. They inspire me to find the simpler solution to everything in life
What is something you would change about people in the world

Theres alot of things I would change about the world, but the one thing I would change is violence. There is so much violence in this world and it needs to end. If we had no violence, the world would simply be a better place

What is your view on the people in the world

Thats a little difficult. There are two kinds of people in this world. Theres the good, sweet, helpful people that will do anything to make you happy and make you feel important. Then there are the hateful, backstabbing people that ruin your life and make you feel awful. I think that everyone in the world are good people, until they do something to prove otherwise

What is something you’ve struggled with in life

I’ve always struggled to fit in. My school is one of those schools where if you play a sport, you’re popular. I’m a band student, i’ve had no interest in sports, and i get stuff for that. But i’m a social person and I can make friends easily, but fitting in is the hardest thing i’ve dealt with

What is a positive message you would give others

A positive message i would give others is: Don’t give up. Try your hardest and you will achieve your dreams!

Last question what is a goal you would like to achieve in the world

Its okay i don’t mind! And A goal i’d like to achieve in the world is to make everyone happy and appreciate life for everything it has to offer. Alot of people are depressed and alot of messed up stuff is happening in this world, and i’d love to make everyone see life for how great it is, and to show that we don’t need violence and everything in this world.


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